Burdur: Dogan News Agency

Veterinarian Öztürk Sarıca, who lost both his grandfathers and his father to cancer, has founded a fully organic village in Burdur province, where he practices organic farming and treats wild animals. The miniature village is an alcohol- and smoke-free zone where Sarıca lives with 11 others.

Sarıca, 41, not only lost three close relatives to cancer; his mother is currently struggling with the disease also. The village he founded has all its buildings built from wood. Besides organic farming, wild animals wounded by hunters or other causes are treated and released to the wild at the village. So far, 31 animals have been treated; current patients include seven storks, a duck, 17 hawks and two owls. Approximately 10,000 trees have been planted at the village, of 300 different varieties found in different regions of Turkey. Citrus fruits, chestnuts, figs and nuts are among the harvested crops.

The village itself is called after the nearby antic city of Lisinia. Students of the veterinary faculty of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University are encouraged to spend time in the village. Sarıca said he has spent about 1 million Turkish Liras of his own money on the village. When a planned shelter project is added, all animals in Turkey will be kept there, he said. “Everybody can learn the practice of farming without the use of chemicals here. Those who want to can attend trainings. They can consume the organic products produced in the village for free.”

(Source: www.hurriyetdailynews.com )