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SCAD the University for Creative Careers
has ended: Congratulation to the Winners!

It has been a month of fierce competition and intense exchanges. The quality and the dedication of the works submitted wereoutstanding. Thank you, students, be proud of yourself. And thank you to the Faculty and Teaching Staff at SCAD for supporting the contest with such passion. And thank you UNICEF for helping us coordinate this from three different countries.

DESIGN CONTEST 1st PRIZE WINNER: Orta Blue Designs by Kaleigh and Kourtney Wilson

In our designs we wanted to mostly focus on functionality, but also be innovative and come up with something new. Our girls' look consists of a short sleeve top and a skort. The top has a drawstring sleeve that will cinch up when needed. We thought this was essential for the climate. It also has button closures. We decided on a skort as opposed to a skirt because it is easier to play in and is more functional. View this project

DESIGN CONTEST 2nd PRIZE WINNER: Uniforms for Education by Ashley Austin and Joshua Lacey

For your consideration we have designed three different concepts varying in construction difficulty for the children of Sierra Leone. Considering that women in Libya are going to be making these garments by hand we felt it necessary to show a progression in skill required for construction; from concept 1, the most simplistic to concept 3 which is more advanced in the difficulty of construction. View this project

DESIGN CONTEST 3rd PRIZE WINNER: Back to School with OrtaBlu by Lara Sims

In my designs, I strived to create a uniform that embodies style and simplicity, versatile wearability, and the option to transform as the student grows. I have included drawstring waists in all of the girls' dresses so that sizing isn't an issue and the design will be able to fit a broader range of ages and body types. The hem on the dresses and boys' shorts is long, and has the option to be taken out and re-sewn to lengthen the garment. View this project

The Judging PanelHow they voted for all the designs

UNICEF – Italy
UNICEF – Lebanon
UNICEF – Sierra Leone
ORTA: Mr. Atilla Kiyat (General Manager)
VALENTINO: Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri (Creative Directors)
TEEN VOGUE: Gloria Baume (Fashion Director)
GQ Magazine Italy: Ildo Damiano (Fashion Directory)
KODEZERO: Luca Babini and Paololuca Barbieri (Creative Directors)

The Design Specs(for reference only, contest ended)

The age group/size target is ten years old.

- You have to present a series of sketches in full length and detail.
- Sketches can be both in black & white and/or color.
- You have to explain in a short document the creative and logical thinking behind your designs.
- The uniforms will be worn in countries with average temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and with a very heavy rainy season. The environment is either very dusty or very muddy. Children often walk long distances to reach their schools. Keep that in mind.

Girls Uniforms
- A dress or a combination skirt-blouse.
- In both cases knee length.
- Short sleeves.
- Pockets are welcome.

Boys Uniforms
- A shirt/blouse with length just below the belt (similar to Guayabera shirts)
- Short Sleeves.
- Pockets are welcome.

Be aware that zippers and velcro have a short life due to dust. Always have buttons as a backup.

Project Updates (important)
You are invited to use our Contest Wall to ask questions and post status updates and comments. This will also enable you to connect with the larger community of people involved with the project.

Materials(for reference only, contest ended)

Very light organic denim (7oz).
It will be treated for non-wrinkle and durability.
You are allowed to use other materials for specific functionality details not in excess of 15% of the overall design.

The Prizes(for reference only, contest ended)

A one-week trip to Turkey.
Visit Orta's main operations in Instanbul.
Visit the city and museums with antique Otoman Empire Kaftans collections.
Fly to Orta's main factory in Kayseri (Anatolia) to attend the Denim Academy Workshop.
Back to Istanbul for one night and back home the next day.

700.00 Dollars against students' tuition.

500.00 Dollars against students' tuition.

School Uniforms Design Contest

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