Social missions


Social Missions are a new form of charity in which the donor's product becomes the catalyst of the operation. Denim is what we know how to do well. Using denim we have launched a series of initiatives that are helping local NGOs in 3 different continents to sustain their programs. We travel to the field, roll our sleeves, and approach the problems with the determination to make a difference and the know-how of an international business. We train the local people , we spend time with them. We share their everyday lives to better understand how we can help. As we try to solve a problem, many others come up. We go back and look for partners whose business could help solve the new problems. We call it the life loop. We don't recycle just denim. We try to recycle life too and help people get a fresh start.

The School Uniforms Project

A Global Social Mission that involves people in 5 different countries. It has created 20 jobs, helped 100 children stay in school through a literacy program, and has made it affordable to attend school for hundreds of more children in 2 continents. It has created a large online community made of the most diverse people.

The Orta Blu Gene Project

We call them Genes instead of Jeans as a metaphor for the DNA of our Denim. We partner with fashion designers, we supply the denim and manufacture the jeans. Then we exchange them for the old jeans of people in need. We listen to their stories, and help them further.

Traditional Weaving - Buldan, Turkey

Buldan is a small village of 15000 people built on a hill side in the inner Aegean region of Turkey. The town's tradition of handwoven textiles dates back to the 13th century. By the end of the 19th century, there were over 1,500 looms accounting for the largest textile production of its time. »

The Protect Water Project

Due to pollution and poor management, clean water, one of the world’s most valuable natural resources, is becoming scarcer than ever. We at Orta Blu work with our factories to minimize water consumption in our industrial processes. We at Orta Blu work with our factories to minimize water consumption in our industrial processes.»

Children ECO Programs: Mr. Blu

That the planet is in dire need for help is old news. But it's very difficult to break old habits with adults. So, while we wait for governments to put politics aside and make the big changes we need to solve this problem, we teach children around the world how many small changes in their lifestyle can make a big difference.

Aksu Denim Recycling Initiative

We work with 20 women in Aksu, a small village in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, who remove seams, labels, and metals from old jeans. After the jeans are stripped of accessories, they are sent to Gaziantep, Turkey for shredding. The shredded pieces of fibers are spun into yarns to be used in making recycled fabrics. »