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Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s Island School is a Sustainable Learning Landscape in Hong Kong

By Bridgette Meinhold, Source: Inhabitat
Schmidt Hammer Lassen just unveiled preliminary drawings for Hong Kong’s new Island School. Working in cooperation with Thomas Chow Architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen designed a plant- and daylight-filled school that creates optimum conditions for learning. The sustainable living landscape will also have a strong connection with the outdoors, the city and the surrounding community.
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Thomas Chow Architects recently won a design competition with their sustainable living landscape for the new Island School. The project will replace the existing school, which was built in 1967, providing the institution with improved facilities and an evolving and growing program. Schmidt Hammer Lassen came up with a light-filled plan of stacked and cantilevered floors. The building shades itself on one side and opens up to daylight on the other. Flexible classrooms can change and adapt according to teachers’ needs, and the school will also be open for use by the community when class is not in session.

Inside, an atrium runs the length of the school, connecting the rooms to the outdoors and the city. “The atrium is the heart of the school,” states Bjarne Hammer, founding partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects. “With its balconies, hanging greenery and gardens, it functions as an informal social gathering space where the students can meet and interact.

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