By Leena Oijala / Source: Ecosalon


This season’s denim trend is a double throwback to two decades in fashion history – wide leg jeans from the ’90s and bell bottoms and patchwork from the ’70s. Work the look right with our vintage trending tips!

It all started on the Fall/Winter 2014 runways and bled into the Spring/Summer 2015 trend reports – vintage denim styles are back in and in a BIG way. Seen in the collections of Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Alberta Ferretti and Michael Kors, wide leg jeans, bell bottoms and all manner of cutting up and sewing back together all shades of denim are sure to be seen on the street of fashion savvy cities like New York, London and Paris.


One of the biggest culprits is the revival of Los Angeles-based brand JNCO, responsible for the ultra baggy, wide leg jean styles that contributed to the rave trend of the ’90s. JNCO will be offering up a range of its signature “slouchy” styles including its signature jeans with leg openings between 20 and 23 inches wide, alongside newer styles for the denim market. Although the super wide leg jeans with openings up 50 inches wide are a thing of the past, chic out your outfit by pairing these new JNCO’s with a cute crop top or go for a slightly boxier short sleeve cotton button-down.

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