By Sandeep Aggarwal / Source: Denimsandjeans


Tonello presents Multicolour Laser which it claims is the first such laser system worldwide. .A special patent pending resin by Zaitex and Tonello specific research and know-how in laser treatment,enables them now to colour denim and any other fabric . Multicolour Laser is the result of an accurate investigation combining a special resin with Tonello sustainable technologies. The study included several tests with the various parameters of Tonello Laser on different types of fabrics (e.g. cotton, leather, seamless fabric) each one with different kind of finishings and dyes. The resin is evenly applied onto the garments through Kit Batik, a special technology ensuring a good penetration and the less waste possible of the product used, which is then permanently imprinted on the fabric through a special setting of Tonello Laser.

“Multicolour Laser is a truly revolution for the laser finishing market because it changes completely the concept of laser itself, until now used only to discolour or cut the fabric. Thanks to the in-depth study conducted by our Research Centre, we can now colour garments with laser, achieving results never seen before”, commented Flavio Tonello, Managing director of Tonello.


So how does this new multi laser system work ?

The new development exploits two of the most efficient Tonello technologies, especially in terms of sustainability: Kit Batik and Laser Blaze.

1.Kit Batik is a special technology installable only on Tonello washing and dyeing machines which allows to apply resins and many other products inside of the machine, in a fully automatic way. The resin can be applied also manually through a spraying gun but with a huge waste of product and water. Kit Batik enables constant saving of 96% of water and 87% of product (in the case of resins) – the company claims. It can be used to create color and special dyeing effects (e.g. Antarctic Batik, Multicolor Batik, Fading Batik) and to apply resins, eco-softeners, soil release, anti-stress, wrinkle free, water and oil repellent products and more besides on denim and ready to dye garments.

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