The textile industry is one of the most lucrative, creative & consumer-facing industries; it has the power to change the world. If different players of the industry come together and join forces, the change will be made.

Along side with VF Corporation and Auping, ORTA is partnering with Circle Economy to help move the textiles industry towards action! Together the brands will further develop the Circle Fashion Tool – a digital decision making tool built to help evaluate the end of life options and circular opportunities for for textile excess while weighing the practical implications and environmental and economic impact between scenarios. The tool aims to empower brands to move from the ‘why’ to the ‘how’ of circular fashion.


Cotton is the most commonly used natural fiber to make clothing; accounting for about 33% of all fibers found in textiles. Cotton farming is responsible for 24% insecticides and 11% of pesticides despite using about 3% of the worlds’ arable land.

Hence, we developed a fabric concept that contains zero cotton, yet maximum performance. Woven with minimum impact to shape the future of denim; ZERO-MAX® is the ultimate sustainability cooperation in the denim industry.


ORTA BLU once again has teamed up with EKAD, (Ecological Research Society) to help in the conservation efforts concerning two 110 million year old species of sea turtle, the Caretta caretta and the Chelonia Mydas, which are currently endangered. The organization collects data on human interference during the laying and hatching season, which comes from tourism industry development of nesting grounds, unnatural light sources that confuse hatchlings and accidental fishing deaths.

The idea is to dispense this information to hotels and local people, raising awareness of the issue, as well as taking direct action to protect the grounds from these unnatural obstacles. While it takes fifteen years before a hatchling can make eggs of there own, only one in a thousand generally make it that far. With the odds stacked against them, it is collaborations like the Indigo Turtles Project that can hopefully make a difference.