By Jill Ettinger / Source: Ecosalon


Oh baby, it’s H-O-T outside! Remember back in the thick of winter when you couldn’t wait for this summer heat? And now that it’s here–as glorious as it is–we could all use a little respite from the nonstop sweating, the thick, humid air, and that unrelenting sun! We’ve got just the thing.

This cool and summer-perfect collection of goodies features $421+ worth of absolutely lux treats to help you stay cool inside and out till the very last day of summer. It’s all yours for just $129 + free shipping!

Beginning on Friday, August 5th, we will reveal several of our fabulous participating brands per day. The Box will go on sale Monday, August 8th at 8 o’clock AM Pacific Time. So set your alarms and mark your calendars–these will sell out fast! Check back daily to see the latest reveals, and read on to discover today’s products!

Perfect-Balance-768x2803 (1)

Elemental Herbology Perfect Balance Moisturiser

The last thing you may be thinking about in the heat is slathering on a moisturizer, but this luxurious, nutrient-rich facial moisturizer from Elemental Herbology actually helps balance oil secretion during the warmer months, while replenishing moisture levels, improving vitality and protecting against the environment. Ideal for normal or combination skin, to balance the T-zone or for skin with hormonal imbalances. It’s truly a summer heat must!

Active Ingredients:

Apple Serum- stimulates cell turnover and prevents breakouts
Algae- stimulates collagen & elastin syntheses and repair
Kakadu Plum- high in Vitamin C, 50% more than an orange
Olive Squalane- conditions and softens the skin
Green Tea- anti-oxidant to help protect from the environment
Copper, Zinc & Magnesium Complex- energizes and stimulates cell turnover
Rice Bran- a sun protection booster
Pearl Powder- improves radiance and detoxifies problematic skin



Molecule32 Heal Face and Body Rescue Lotion

It’s bound to happen in summer at least once: Sunburn. Fortunately, Molecule32 offers a breakthrough lotion that conditions and hydrates the skin from the inside out through proper pH balance and nourishment. Cools burning pain from Sunburn, Hives, Eczema and Itching. Molecule32 contains Fulvic Acid, ione of the most bio-active components in organic soil with a molecule that is 2000 times smaller than a molecule of water. Why is it important?Because of its nano nano size M32 penetrates the skins outer layers to deliver targeted anti oxidants, vitamins, nutrients and hydration directly in to skin cells. It nourishes skin cells resulting in younger and healthier skin– inside and out.



SeeMe Silk Bracelets (assorted colors)

Charm your way through the season with this stunning handwoven silk bracelet with silver plated brass heart in assorted colors from SeeMe! A proud partner in the United Nations’ Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, all SeeMe Orange Hearts are handcrafted by women who are survivors of violence in Tunisia, using ancient techniques re-interpreted to create a contemporary piece of jewelry. By developing this as a business rather than a charitable initiative, SeeMe employs women so that with time it can enlarge its scope and become a bigger influence in the region as well as on the fair trade jewelry market.

If you have a color preference, let us know when you order the box and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!


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