By Kimberley Mok / Source: TreeHugger

Economical and easy to build, A-frame structures enjoyed a period of popularity during the fifties and sixties as one easy way middle-class families could build a vacation home of their own. They are now making a bit of a comeback, as larger modernized homes, or as re-interpreted cottages. Keeping with the original spirit of the A-frame cottage, Slovenian company Lushna offers their prefab version made for eco-friendly glamping (“glamourous camping”), great for those who want to camp year-round, even in winter, or do away with camping tents that can flood.



Measuring 13′ by 13′ and 11.5′ high, the 110-square-foot Lushna Villa is made with naturally untreated, exterior-grade larch wood, while the floor is made from spruce. It comes with “ecological insulation” (no word on what kind), an integrated ventilation system, panoramic glass wall or mosquito netting, and electrical outlets. It is installed with ground screws, negating the need for a carbon-intensive, concrete foundation. It fits a king-size bed, which looks comfy indeed.





There are other versions available too: Lushna Villa Green comes with a green roof, while the Lushna Sauna comes with “[Finnish] or infrared sauna heating.”


Lushna’s idea is to allow people to set up their own individual deluxe cabin, or for large property owners to develop an eco-tourism destination without a huge environmental impact:

Build a special destination for all those romantics, city escapists, comfort seekers, easy riders and nature lovers who cannot find what they are looking for. Add value and appeal to your vineyard, campground, wellness, farm, golf resort, or hotel with unique luxury outdoor wooden eco chalet, pods, cabins, saunas and bathrooms.


Of course, low-impact eco-tourism isn’t as simple as plunking down a prefab structure and hoping for the best; a lot of planning and various factors have to be considered. But starting at USD $4,453, the Lushna Villas are one possible option for cottage-goers to build their own relatively luxurious, eco-friendly cabin cheaply, or for those who want to create a eco-camping ground quickly, and without disturbing the local landscape too much. The company builds also a larger line of Lushna Suites and other outdoor products; check out the rest over at Lushna.

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