Denim Academy

Welcome to the Denim Academy!

Denim Academy is a training program and online reference dedicated to all aspects of manufacturing and treating denim. It is mainly intended for Orta customers, but anyone's online questions are welcome. The training program is based on 2 day workshops customized to the attendees' needs at Orta's Kayseri factory in Anatolia (Central Turkey). Cotton Storage, weaving, dying, and laundering are some of the topics covered; typically by a walk-through of the production line followed by an in depth workshop. Attendees are certified at the end of the workshop. Books and different materials are usually published in relation to the workshops. With the birth of our sustainability division's website,, we intend to expand the diffusion of this invaluable know-how to the online community. We want Denim Academy to become a sort of Wikipedia for denim at the disposal of anybody who has questions or projects where they may need our help.


We were in Kayseri with Brax on October 1st for a Denim Academy Workshop. After visiting the factory and going through all the processes, we visited Cappadocia and had a breathtaking…  »

Monitoring of the Indigo Dye baths

As discussed in Part 2 of this series, most of the control of Indigo dyeing must be managed before the dye and chemicals reach the dye boxes in the machine.…  »

Picasso SS 330 Spray Robot

Probably the greatest technical innovation out of Denim by Premiere Vision is the Picasso spray robot by VAV technology. It makes spraying a safer affair eliminating the human presence from…  »

Indigo workshop

A hands-on 2 day training at our Kayseri factory on the Indigo process.We are preparing a Weaving Workshop. Check back soon. View the slideshow.