LCA is a tool used to quantify the environmental performance of a product taking the complete life cycle into account (from raw material production to final disposal) defined by ISO 14040/44 standards. The tool helps us collect, analyse and monitor the sustainability performance as a source of information, providing full transparency & avoiding black-box processes.


· to identify environmental hot spots in the life cycle of a product
· to analyze contribution of the life cycle stages to the overall environmental load
· to compare products for internal & external communication
· to create basis for standardized metrics
· to identify KPIs for life cycle management & decision support

Starting from AW19/20, all articles in ORTA collections come with their unique QR code that enable the viewer to reach the reduced impact on five main environmental hotspots when scanned:

· Global Warming Potential
· Eutrophication Potential
· Land Use
· Abiotic Resource Depletion
· Freshwater Use


Orta is proud to obtain third party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its products; Luzon (7882), Ilocos (9046), Visayas (9595) and Bicol (9595R).

Defined as ‘type III environmental declarations‘ under ISO 14025 standard, an EPD is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life cycle environmental impact of products.

Orta EPD is registered through The International EPD® System, a global programme for type III environmental declarations operating in accordance with ISO 14025 with the aim of communicating quantified environmental information on the life cycle of products in a credible, comparable, transparent and understandable way.

For the EPD document, please visit The International EPD® System website.