ORTA’s Denim Route of local manufacturing with global connectivity today is built on the roots of our home, Anatolia, Turkey, which has been the bridge between the East and the West trading routes, part of the original Silk Road that opened the world to the trade of goods and services in the 19th Century.

The original Silk Road allowed humanity to experience a cultural spread between societies.

The materials and craftsmanship, technical developments, and the exchange of cultural products of the West and the East were collected and shared in Anatolia on this route. Craftsmen living in Anatolia have carried this knowledge and mastery heritage to the present, from agricultural changes to the variety of production methods.

The city Kayseri, the heart of our manufacturing today, has a deep history of being a vital meeting and resting point for travelers and traders as far back as 1877. As a historically significant trading center, the city played an important role in the Silk Road trading route and the movement of goods, people, and ideas between East and West.

Throughout these past 4000 years, one thing has remained constant – the flow of goods and knowledge in and out of the city. Today, ORTA Kayseri continues to be the mecca for the exchange of ideas, innovation, artisan wisdom, and crafting, the creative development hub between design, manufacturing, production, and sustainable innovation.

As dramatic as the world has become digitized today, ORTA denim continues the Silk Road history of intercultural journey, handcrafted mastery, and the flow of information and shared ideas with an eco-positive mission.

Circularity, transparent sourcing, ethical manufacturing are all part of our eco modern handprint. Celebrating more than half a century in denim manufacturing, ORTA continues to bridge our multicultural world with superior craftsmanship and localized manufacturing in Kayseri, the hub of the Silk Road then, and our commitment to the New Denim Route today.

The New Denim Route: ORTA’s deeply authentic wisdom of handcrafted mastery with technology and eco modern innovation for a more personally connected, ethically social, and more prosperous world.