ORTA is proud to introduce VEGAN Denim, the first collection of denim fabrics ever to be produced exclusively with vegetable and natural dyestuff at an industrial scale.

We always had a great passion for natural dyestuffs & dyeing techniques at ORTA, and our dedicated work of years is finally paying off as we launch our new product line, ORTA Vegan Denim. What makes the concept so special is its unique dyeing method, which has never been applied at industry scale before. ORTA is proud to be a game changer in this sense.

The art of dyeing is as old as human civilization. In time, men learnt various ways of using different natural colouring agents to dye cloths. The major obstacle when using natural dyestuff was the difficulty of obtaining good colour intensity and a consistency in shading. The vegetal dyestuff’s lack of efficacy when applied to cotton.

With our strong dedication and years of hard work, the technology we’ve developed ensures a great increase in affinity of dyestuff to cotton. The results show greater stability and consistency in dyeing. Thanks to the VEGAN methodology, it is now possible to obtain intense shades in 10 different colors.

ORTA Vegan Denim is not only highly sustainable & environmentally friendly but also complies with global standards. Less water, less energy and fewer chemicals are used for ORTA Vegan than conventional dyeing methods. ORTA has obtained a legal patent for the process and it is subsidized by European Union Research Funds.

Without a doubt ORTA Vegan Denim will reincarnate natural dyes in the fashion industry. It is the ultimate compromise between fashion production and environmental consciousness.