By Kimberly Mok, Source: TreeHugger

Living in a remote region bordering the taiga forests of Siberia, one might not expect to see a burst of colour coming from a massive collection of recycled bottle caps all in one place. But a retired woman by the name of Olga Kostina, a resident of Kamarchaga village, has done just that — painstakingly collecting old bottle caps over the years and decorating the outside of her home with them in bright mosaic patterns.

According to Oddity Central, each of the recycled bottle caps are hammered into the walls by hand, following traditional macrame patterns — usually a textile technique using knots rather than weaving or knitting, but translated here over to plastic caps — showing beautiful designs and depictions of local wildlife.

Olga’s house has been transformed into a local curiosity, and she has plans to cover the other buildings on her property in the same manner. Of course, no recycled bottle cap house is complete without an adorable cat motif:

This is a lovely way to re-use plastic in a more enduring and eye-catching fashion, instead of it ending up in landfills, or in the oceans. Like the other Russian woman who built a house out of 5,000 glass bottles and the stronger-than-ordinary plastic bottle house in Nigeria, there are a lot of possibilities of building with recycled materials and coupling that with resilient building techniques — all that is needed is a bit of imagination.