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Field Report #40 An Island in the Storm

Lebanon is not the most relaxed place on earth right now.  Bordering with Israel to the South and Syria to the…

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Field Report #39 – A Family Portrait

Some of the most influential ladies of Uswa Al Hasana come from a family of fifteen children, ten boys and five…

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Field Report #38 The Wilson Sisters take Istanbul.

If you go back in time in our Field Reports you will see the incredible story on how Kaleigh and Kourtney…

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Field Report #37: Diary of a Young Reporter – Episode 3

“Globalization at its Best” … Which was immediately followed by an invitation to eat. Not wanting to be refuse a personal…

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Field Report #36 – Somalia Humanitarian Crises Update

A World Concern video about the Crisis in Somalia. Source: World Concern

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Field Report #35 29,000 Children Dead Due to East African Famine in Past 3 Months

The drought and accompanying famine in East Africa continues to get worse: Three more regions of Somalia have been declared famine…

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Field Report #34: Diary of a Young Reporter – Episode 2

“Globalization at its Best” We parked against a cinder block-gray wall within the windy network of small town roads. Everything was…

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Field Report #33: Diary of a Young Reporter – Episode 1

“Globalization at its Best” The drive from Beirut to Wadi Al Jamus is quite a feast for the eyes. I had…

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Field Report #32 Fnaidek, Lebanon. An Environmental Disaster in the Making !

We were wondering why every time we asked about water in Wadi al Jamus, everybody said water was so polluted that…

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Field Report #31: An Emotional and Funny Moment in Wadi Al Jamus

Mrs. Hajjeh Khadijeh Assaad, leader of the NGO in Wadi al Jamus, delivers the first invoice to Mrs. Karakoc, from Orta…

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