By Kimberley Mok, Source: Treehugger

Every year, millions of tons of textiles go to waste each year. It’s a major issue for the fashion industry, but these wasted materials can still end up as beautiful items instead of in landfills. Istanbul-based designer Meb Rure takes this approach by rescuing unwanted silk textiles and transforms them into a fabulous seating collection.
Seen over at Inhabitat, Rure’s design features an easy-to-assemble chair, ottoman and stool made from American white oak vibrantly colored silk balls, made from recycled silk yarns from Nepal.

The result is an inviting and playful combination of refined materials and craftsmanship, says Rure:

Fabric waste into the end material… The ethnic-inspired design aims to bring warm and cheerful atmosphere to spaces. Colorful silk balls filled with sponge inside also provide a comfortable sitting experience. To decrease the carbon footprint while transporting legs are designed to easily assemble and disassemble even by one hand.

With recycled textiles turning up in everything from rugs to sofas, Rure’s tasteful creation is another lovely example of how so-called “waste” can be remade into something quite attractive. More over at Meb Rure’s website.