By Lorna, Source: Denim Blog


From fashion-forward cutting techniques and sexy silhouettes to technically fastidious laundering methods and artisan hand-finished details, JQ Jeans sets the benchmark for how their jeans are measured.

Formerly known as Jonny Q, the premium Made In Italy denim brand has recently enjoyed a strategic makeover following significant investment. As well as its abbreviated new brand name both JQ Jeans and its more directional sister brand SOS Jeans have upscaled their design division as well as their atelier workshop and laundry in Nereto, Italy, where each pair of JQ Jeans continues to be lovingly crafted by hand.

Since its inception in 1978, JQ Jeans has been defined by an obsessive dedication to inventive new pattern cutting techniques and form-fitting fabric developments to constantly challenge consumers’ perceptions of just how incredible a pair of jeans can make you look and feel.


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