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This is your Wall. Here is where you upload your stories about your jeans with text, pictures, and video. It will interact with our Facebook page and it is meant to be the place where you have a smart and fun exchange with us. Send us pictures of you wearing your jeans or funny jeans related videos. Notify us and the community about smart jeans and denim initiatives around the web. Send us ideas and ask us questions. Feel free to be part of the Blu Tribe.

Beyonce in Gucci and…

Double denim has definitely come a long way since it first became a staple look in everyone’s closet …  »

The Denim Trench Coat

Here are 4 “reasons” we’re loving denim trench coats ri…  »

Levis + Evrnu = 100% Recycled Jeans

“We can take your old jeans, break them down to the molecular level, and build them back up into beautiful sweaters...…  »

Denim Review: Lucky Brand Hayden…

One of the things that impressed me the most about these jeans was the attention to detail.…  »

Denim Colored Hair

You’ll never believe this new trend in hair color……  »

First Global Online Laser Design…

We bring below some of the designs available online on the shop with some interesting looks like Japanese Boro and Vintage looks .…  »

LOOK BOOK: Courtshop SS16

I love the variety of the collection and the modern takes on some of the styles, like the denim dresses...…  »

Noble Denim Latest Jeans Are…

It’s cut and sewn in America and it comes in both their Earnest fit as well as their Truman fit...…  »

The Botanical Collection by Stella…

. How many of you are fans of these bags?…  »

Ralph Lauren Japanese Raw Denim

Ralph Lauren brings out some cool raw and very chic denim vests, jackets, dresses this season .…  »