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This is your Wall. Here is where you upload your stories about your jeans with text, pictures, and video. It will interact with our Facebook page and it is meant to be the place where you have a smart and fun exchange with us. Send us pictures of you wearing your jeans or funny jeans related videos. Notify us and the community about smart jeans and denim initiatives around the web. Send us ideas and ask us questions. Feel free to be part of the Blu Tribe.

The Barefoot and Busted Skinny by…

By Jonathan, Source: Denim Blog Super distressed denim can really be on the border of feeling heavy and overdone, but Blank Denim has found a way to add a lot of details yet still have them…  »

Get Your Coat On. Coated Jeans…

By Jennine Jacob, Source: Eat, Sleep, Denim Coated Jeans are one of those things you think will only be around for a season or two. But no… they have stuck around long enough to be a…  »

Brad Pitt in Jeans

By Lorna, Source: Denim Blog Brad Pitt was pictured while out and about in New York City. He got stopped by the paparazzi as he left a building. Brad wore his beautifully washed jeans…  »

The Off Duty Collection by Joe’s…

By Jonathan, Source: Denim Blog Joe’s Jeans has been one brand that has always focused on innovation and style without giving up fit. With their new ‘Off Duty’ collection, the brand…  »

Halle Berry in J Brand Aoki in…

By Jennifer, Source: Denim Blog Halle Berry and a friend were photographed while shopping for flooring in Los Angeles. We used to see photos of her almost every day, it seems as though she…  »

Faustine Steinmetz: Denim as Art

By Jennine Jacob, Source: Eat, Sleep, Denim We all know the usual suspects when it comes to denim. Jeans, jean jackets, denim shirts. Everything evolves at a snail’s pace in the denim…  »

Lily Allen in J Brand Photo Ready…

By Jennifer, Source: Inhabitat Lily Allen and Mark Ronson were photographed together while out in New York City. Lily wore a pair of J Brand photo ready super skinny jeans in Nightbird with…  »

Trend Alert: Denim & Fringe

By DT Staff, Source: Denim Therapy There’s a new trend in town—denim and fringe—and we’re not totally sold on it yet. But worth investigating? Definitely. Honesty WTF pointed out…  »

Russell Brand in Balmain Skinny…

By Jennifer, Source: Denim Blog Russell Brand was snapped while heading out of a meeting in New York City. Later in the day, he was snapped while making his way to The Late Show with David…  »

JQ Jeans Fall 2014

By Lorna, Source: Denim Blog From fashion-forward cutting techniques and sexy silhouettes to technically fastidious laundering methods and artisan hand-finished details, JQ Jeans sets the…  »