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This is your Wall. Here is where you upload your stories about your jeans with text, pictures, and video. It will interact with our Facebook page and it is meant to be the place where you have a smart and fun exchange with us. Send us pictures of you wearing your jeans or funny jeans related videos. Notify us and the community about smart jeans and denim initiatives around the web. Send us ideas and ask us questions. Feel free to be part of the Blu Tribe.

Refinery 29 Editors’ Kill It…

The article is worth a full read for more about what inspired their designs.…  »

Top Denim Stores In Taiwan

Most of the denim stores in Taiwan have American Casual style as their focus. …  »

Perfect Your Casual-Cool Summer…

I’m also needing the jeans with released hems to get in my closet ASAP, please.…  »

Vintage Score: ’70s Denim Jacket

I was so excited to find this vintage denim patchwork jacket at the UBI-IND shop in San Francisco...…  »

Relaxed High Waists Elevate…

Perhaps it’s already sold out?! …  »

7 Times Bruce Springsteen Wore…

It occurred to me today that we’ve never published a roundup of the glorious Bruce Springsteen wearing jeans…  »

Most Expensive Jeans Worldwide !

We list some of the most expensive jeans that we have come across in the article below…  »

The Levi’s Effect

Authentic, one of a kind, iconic, inspirational, classic and heritage are the most used words to describe a true blue pair of Levi’s.…  »

10 Of The Best New Vintage Looking…

When it comes to the trends of the moment with denim, vintage jeans are definitely the front runner.…  »

Beyonce in Gucci and…

Double denim has definitely come a long way since it first became a staple look in everyone’s closet …  »