By Kristen Philipkoski / Source: Eat, Sleep, Denim


When I heard that Carrie Fisher has tragically passed much too young on December 28, my first reaction was: My goodness how old was she? My second reaction was: wow, that’s only 12 years older than me. My third reaction was: Just when I thought it wasn’t possible, 2016 just got even worse. And my fourth reaction was: I wonder if Carrie Fisher wore jeans much?

The answer, if Google Image Search is to be believed, is an emphatic no. I could find only two photos of the actor who played Princess Leia wearing denim of any kind, and in both photos she’s wearing the same denim overalls. The above photo from Flickr was taken while testing out a hairstyle during the filming of Star Wars.

Coincidentally, I just listened to Terry Gross interview Fisher, and she talked about her Princess Leia “hairstyle tests”—basically the hair stylist for the movie tried out several looks and then paraded them in front of George Lucas for his approval. Somehow, the cinnamon-bun style was the winner.

Below is the second photo of Fisher in the same denim overalls. Could you imagine Princess Leia as a blond??


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