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Street Style: Jewel Tone Jeans

In last week’s street style post, I was having a major moment for pastels. (“Having a moment.” Are we over that phrase the same way we’re over “pop of color?”) Light, breezy shades of pink, yellow green and blue remind me of flowers and Easter and all the sweet things about spring. That’s always nice.

There’s another side of spring, though. The side that won’t let you forget just yet that winter has only barely left. It’s such a transitional season, that I can’t help but let a little of winter’s color palette participate in my spring wardrobing. Additionally, seeing as it’s not quite officially spring yet, I’d say we’re all good when it comes to keeping rich, bold jewel tones in the mix.

Which brings us to this lovely woman I spotted on Spring Street. I was instantly attracted to the deep blue shade of her pants, and their cropped length that was perfect for the warm, sunny morning we were both enjoying.

Give your spring denim wardrobe a deep tone-d boost with these Habitual skinny jeans in ‘wave’ or these Rag & Bone / JEAN flares if you’re feeling blue, or these Free People jeans for a bold green or fuchsia.

Will you be mixing up your hues when it comes to colored denim in the coming months? Do you have a standout favorite?

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