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California Farmer Who Abandoned 50,000 Chickens Sued by Animal Welfare Groups

by Mat McDermott, Source: TreeHugger An update on a story that broke back in March: Remember the egg farmer who abandoned…

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U.S. Cyclists Save $4.6 Billion Per Year by Biking

by Stephen Messenger, Source: TreeHugger While the health benefits of biking are well-documented for both cyclists and the planet, it turns…

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Meat Considered Macho? Study Discusses Meat’s Marketing Magic

by Sara Novak, Source: Treehugger It’s a stereotype that holds true across so many cultures–rough and tumble cowboys need their Ribeyes…

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Women Picket Facebook Offices to Protest Its All-Male Board

by Andrea Newell, Source: TriplePundit Social media has inspired people to use their voices to protest everything from products and services…

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High Tech DIY Sensors Could Help Keep Billions of Gallons of Raw Sewage Out of NYC Harbor

by Brian Merchant, Source: TreeHugger Every year, 27 billion gallons of raw sewage gets dumped into New York City’s harbor. That’s…

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Google to Launch ‘SeaView’ of the Great Barrier Reef

By Stephen Messenger, Source: TreeHugger Since Google Street View was first unveiled near five years ago, it has revolutionized the world…

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10 Green Lessons from the Sustainable Operations Summit

by Raz Godelnik, Source: TriplePundit Last week I attended the Sustainable Operations Summit in New York, where I had the chance…

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San Francisco is Doing so Many Great Things that Other Cities Should Copy

Source: Treehugger Reclaiming Streets for Pedestrians and Cyclists, Creating New Public Spaces This great video by our friends at Streetfilms gives…

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Burger King Switches to Cage Free Pork and Eggs

Source: TriplePundit Yesterday Burger King announced that its restaurants would transition to cage-free pork and eggs by 2017. The move comes…

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Meat consumption must be cut by 50% to prevent catastrophic climate change

by e.edvardsen, Source: HippyShopper Two weeks into my newfound pescetarianism, I’ve had some negative comments (mostly from people who don’t really…

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