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Lush anti-animal testing protest shocks London shoppers

Anti-animal testing activists rejoice! Lush has put the horrific sequences of animal testing into a space where no-one can ignore it:…

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Walmart’s Gives Itself a Green Pat on the Back With Its New Sustainability Report

by Mat McDermott, Walmart has just released its latest sustainability report, covering how much it has reduced waste, increased locally grown…

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10 or So Things You Should Know About the Future of Feeding the World

by Brian Merchant, There is widespread agreement that the global food system—a clumsy euphemism for the incredibly complex international network of…

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100% Wooden Bike Sets Land Speed Record

by Jerry James Stone, UPDATE: I am a bit late on updating this information. However, rider James Tully did set the…

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Honda Partners with Zipcar, Will Provide Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids, and EVs

by Michael Graham Richard, Car-Sharing Gets Even Greener Zipcar, the biggest car-sharing company in North-America, is partnering with Honda to include…

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Tiny Island Nation Embraces Composting Toilets, Fights Major Water Shortages

by Sami Grover, From its ambitious goal to produce 100% clean energy by 2020 to calling out the World’s biggest polluters…

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Watch Your Breath: The 10 Most Polluted Cities in the Nation

There’s a pretty good chance you live in a city with air that’s so polluted it’s often unhealthy to breathe. Yes,…

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5 Creative Ways to Connect Our Kids (And Yourself) to Nature

A recent study found that preschool children aren’t getting enough time outdoors. Almost 50 percent of 3-to 5-year-olds studied weren’t taken…

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A Population Antidote: High School for Girls

by ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, High school for girls = population control = sustainable growth. I know this may seem like a simplistic…

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An Enemy in Your Sand Castle

by JOANNA M. FOSTER, The Environmental Protection Agency has had guidelines in place for water quality along beaches for more than…

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