Better Cotton Initiative

What is BCI?

The Better Cotton Initiative, conceived in 2005, promotes a more sustainable way to grow cotton worldwide. BCI aims to improve the key environmental and social impacts of cotton cultivation by making it more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable. It consists of a voluntary coalition of NGOs, cotton farmers, suppliers, textile manufacturers, retailers, and brands working together to achieve set goals. The BCI network currently spans the globe, expanding with each passing day.

Better Cotton in Turkey Steps Up…

Orta is pleased to see Better Cotton in Turkey has taken a significant step forwards in the signing of a strategic partnership agreement between the Good Cotton Practices Association (IPUD)…  »

Turkey’s First BCI Harvest

BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future...…  »

Better Cotton Continues

The General Assembly of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) took place between the 27th and 28th of June 2012 in Istanbul. The strategic plan for 2013-2015 was presented to a large…  »

BCI in Istanbul

A meeting took place on March 2nd in Istanbul regarding the admission of Turkish cotton into the BCI. The meeting was lead by the National Cotton Council and the first consultative group…  »

Alchemy One – The secret is…

Alchemy One by Orta Blu – The Gold Standard of Denim Finish Alchemy One is a new eco-friendly and exclusive denim finish with extraordinary technical attributes. It will be presented…  »

The Birlik Ginning Factory in…

The Birlik Ginning Factory in Soke, in the Aegean Region of Turkey is owned by a cooperative of  local cotton farmers interested in joining BCI. A cotton gin (short for cotton engine) is a…  »

Meet Mr. BLU! Our Brand New Orta…

WHO IS ORTA BLU? Mr. Blu has the answer… Mr. Blu is a cartoon character we created to put some fun on the very serious initiatives we take to be a sustainable company. It will…  »

The History of Cotton Part Two

A cotton gin (short for cotton engine) is a machine that quickly and easily separates the cotton fibers from the seeds, a job formerly performed by hand. The fibers are processed into…  »

Cotton Tales:Seeding in the Aegean…

This is the first of our series of Cotton Tales dedicated to the cotton industry in Turkey and other parts of the world. It will focus on the local ways of dealing with cotton picking. It…  »

The History of Cotton Part One

According to the Foods and Nutrition Encyclopedia, the earliest cultivation of cotton in the Americas occurred in Mexico, some 8,000 years ago. The indigenous species was Gossypium…  »
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