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Indigo Turtles: Helping Baby Sea Turtles with their First Steps…

Mavi has teamed up with Orta Anadolu to protect endangered sea turtles by supporting the Ecological Research Society’s (EKAD) Indigo Turtles project.

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FLL Science Heroes Turkey 2015 is Back in Action in Ankara

Team Orta Blu Spirit was ready, as always, with its robot project.

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Indigo Turtles: Party Time!

Our Orta volunteers had a blast along with Mavi and EKAD in helping out our little aquatic friends in their journey to the sea.

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Indigo Turtles: The Babies Hatch!

The Indigo Turtles Project bears its fruit as the hatchling season begins. Now it’s easier for thousands of baby sea turtles to get passed the obstacles of nature.

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Indigo Turtles: Egg Laying Season

Orta staff had the pleasure of lending a hand on the beach.

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Indigo Turtles: Introducing Chelonia mydas

Like other sea turtles, green sea turtles migrate long distances between feeding grounds and hatching beaches.

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Indigo Turtles: I Want You… For Saving Sea Turtles!

Here is your chance to become an Indigo Turtles Volunteer!

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Indigo Turtles: Introducing Caretta caretta

The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) is an oceanic turtle distributed throughout the world.

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Indigo Turtles: The Project Begins

Mavi and Orta Anadolu kicked off the “Indigo Turtles”

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Indigo Turtles: Mavi Outfits EKAD Team

Orta and Mavi have joined forces to assist EKAD in their sea turtle conservation efforts

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