George Clooney has been arrested for protesting and crossing a police line at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C. today, TMZ reports.

He was leading a protest over the Sudan crisis and calling out the country’s president and alleged war criminal Omar Al-Bashir’s violence. Clooney was soon handcuffed and taken away by U.S. Secret Service agents.

All this week, the 50-year-old traveled around Washington to focus on the situation in Sudan. He even testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and met privately with the Secretary of State and President Obama himself.

Last week, Clooney also traveled to South Sudan to “discuss conflicts over oil and natural resources between Sudan and the newly-independent [country].”

Clooney’s publicist Stan Rosenfield spoke to TMZ about today’s events. “They were protesting the violence committed by the government of Sudan on its own innocent men, women and children. They were demanding they allow humanitarian aid into the country before it becomes the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.”

Clooney “feels good about the arrest because it puts the spotlight on the crisis,” sources told TMZ. TMZ also reports Clooney’s father Nick Clooney, congressmen, human rights community leaders and Sudanese citizens were also arrested.

For years Clooney has fought for rights in Sudan. He launched the Satellite Sentinel Project to help maintain a worldwide focus on human rights, security and to prevent attacks on Sudanese civilians.

Reportedly, he’s currently being booked into a D.C. police station.

UPDATE, 2:30 p.m. EST: Clooney, his father and the other activists arrested today were released from jail this afternoon.

Clooney took time to speak to reporters saying, “You never know if you are accomplishing anything. … We hope it helps. There really is a ticking clock on [the situation].” Clooney also revealed he hopes the people of Sudan receive aid and food before the rainy season hits.

It seems his spirits are up as he even joked about his short time in the clink, “It was rough, you can imagine.” He also said this was his first time in jail and “hopes it’s [his] last.”

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