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Indigo Turtles: Uniting Sea Turtles with the Blue of the Sea

Mavi, along with Orta Anadolu, announce their continued advocacy to protect endangered sea turtles…

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Indigo embraces innocence – ORTA’s Vegan Denim invites everyone to salute natural dyeing in denim world

ORTA Vegan Denim is not only highly sustainable & environmentally friendly but also complies with global standards.

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Indigo Turtles: Helping Baby Sea Turtles with their First Steps…

Mavi has teamed up with Orta Anadolu to protect endangered sea turtles by supporting the Ecological Research Society’s (EKAD) Indigo Turtles project.

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Return of the Indigo Turtles!

The newly designed Indigo Turtles t-shirts hit MAVI stores for summer 2015.

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Orta Anadolu and Garmon Chemicals: Where Science & Denim Crafts Come Together to Help Building A Much Better Future

…Orta Anadolu and Garmon Chemicals volunteered for the environmental missionary…

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FLL Science Heroes Turkey 2015 is Back in Action in Ankara

Team Orta Blu Spirit was ready, as always, with its robot project.

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McDonald’s to cut antibiotics for chicken sold in US

“We’re listening to our customers,” Marion Gross, senior vice president of McDonald’s North America supply chain, told GreenBiz.

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Ringling Bros. To Eliminate Elephant Acts

We can only hope that the U.S. will join Mexico, and other countries, and push through a bill…

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Activists Don’t Want Live Monkeys in New ‘Pirates’ Movie – Ecorazzi

Disney has yet to comment on the issue…

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Netflix Partner Up For More Environmental Docs

We can’t wait to see what Leo produces next!

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