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Rare Himalayan Goat Cloned To Produce More Cashmere and Pashmina Wool

by Timon Singh, Scientists from the animal biotechnology centre of Sher-i-Kashmir University recently announced that they successfully cloned a female goat called…

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A Spring Sprung Too Soon Is a Death Blow to Butterfly

Early snow melts caused by climate change could deliver a mighty one-two punch to the delicate Mormon fritillary butterfly, shrinking the…

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George Clooney Arrested at Sudanese Embassy

George Clooney has been arrested for protesting and crossing a police line at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C. today, TMZ…

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Lies About Apple Factory Abuse Leads to This American Life Retraction

by Leon Kaye, On Friday , a popular public radio show, retracted a story on Apple factory abuse in China that…

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Field Report #40 An Island in the Storm

Lebanon is not the most relaxed place on earth right now.  Bordering with Israel to the South and Syria to the…

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