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Coyotes in New York City: A Bonus?

by SINDYA N. BHANOO, In March 2010, a wild coyote led the police on a chase through Lower Manhattan. The vagabond…

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Gulf Dolphins Exposed to Oil Are Seriously Ill, Agency Says

Dolphins in Barataria Bay off Louisiana, which was hit hard by the BP oil spill in 2010, are seriously ill, and…

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EUROPE – French perfumier Guerlain judged racist for ‘negro’ remark

A Paris court on Thursday found Jean-Paul Guerlain, the former “nose” behind the world-famous perfume brand, guilty of racial insults after…

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Turkish barber uses fire and ax to shave customers

Barber Selahattin Aytekin is using fire and an ax, rather than scissors and razorblades, to shave his customers in his shop…

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Prius c: Hybrid is among hottest-selling small cars in years

By Jerry Hirsch, Toyota Motor Corp.has been saying it has a hit with its new Prius c five-door hatchback, which is the…

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Young Americans Do Care About the Environment

by Sarah Hodgdon, “We ask with great urgency that the University of Kentucky be a leader and move away from the…

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Research says chemical in plastics and cans may contribute to obesity By David Knowles, A controversial chemical used to harden plastics…

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‘Luck’ Hasn’t Changed for Race Horses in Queens, NY

HBO may have canceled “Luck” due to the bad publicity surrounding the deaths of three horses used on the show. But…

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Teens infiltrate James Bond set, film fight scene

Three high school students in the southern province of Adana snuck onto the set of the upcoming James Bond film “Skyfall”…

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International artist reflects nature in Istanbul

Grote’s art has its roots deep in her consciousness and in the mystical arts. Banu Grote, a Turkish artist living in…

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