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That Special Day: Bah, Humbug?

By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, When I was growing up in the suburbs of New York, our first local Earth Day was organized…

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2 Years After the BP Spill: 2 Big Unanswered Questions + A Prior Accident Hidden From Congress

by Mat McDermott, Today is the second anniversary of the BP oil spill. You remember that event, right, the largest oil…

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Instagram Leads Us to More Consumerism, Not Less

by Jaymi Heimbuch, Instagram has been all over the news lately, first for finally opening up the app to Android users…

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Coming to Grips with Plastic Pollution, One Bird at a Time

by Jaymi Heimbuch, Sure, we’ve seen the photos. We’ve seen the sad images of albatross skeletons filled to bursting with plastic…

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Ethics awards name leading apparel brands

NEW YORK – Timberland, Gap, Patagonia and Comme Il Faut are the four apparel brands that have been named in Ethisphere’s…

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Can H&M ever claim sustainable fast fashion?

STOCKHOLM – H&M has today published its latest sustainability report, which reveals it is now the world’s largest user of organic…

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Majority of Americans Support Clean Energy & Climate Action, Even While Politicians Don’t

by Mat McDermott, There’s been another Gallup poll on Americans’ attitudes towards various energy sources, environmental regulation, and government action on…

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Incredible Reunion Between Wolves and Their Human Companion

Wolves are widely regarded as the ferocious and predatory cousins to dogs, one of our most cherished companion animals. Yet a…

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Report queries Walmart’s green pledges

MINNEAPOLIS – A new report suggests that Walmart’s heavily promoted sustainability initiatives are falling short of its original pledges,  including slow…

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Low Rating for Nike, other Industry Leaders on Labour Rights

by merijn, Decent Work Still a Dream for Sportswear Workers Major sportswear brands have taken insufficient action in recent years to…

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