Lebanon is not the most relaxed place on earth right now.  Bordering with Israel to the South and Syria to the North East makes it an easy victim for any destabilization in the region. Wadi al Jamus is on the way to the Syrian border, but, today, its citizens are mellow and happy. Our friends of the Women’s Group NGO, in cooperation with UNICEF and the Municipality, are delivering 400 uniforms to the local public school. For us at Orta Blu, it’s another milestone on the road to social sustainability. Today is a good day. Initial a formal partnership, our relationship with the Women’s Group has evolved into a true friendship. That friendship is now bearing the fruits of everyone’s hard work. Hundreds of children are happy, running around the school courtyard. The good mayor has a hard time putting them in line for them to receive their uniforms. He is more like an overwhelmed grandfather than a severe mayor.  We help as much as we can, but the little rascals have no business being orderly. To them it’s just an excuse to play outside on a beautiful springtime-like day. There is a sense of accomplishment all around and the joy of the children lets us forget for a minute the grave reality outside.
(source: kodezero)