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Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Vision

I came to Abu Dhabi on the wings of my vision for 2030 and came away impressed with theirs.

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Apple Invests $3 Billion in Solar Energy

It’s a market-making transaction from a market leader.

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City of Vancouver bans organic waste from regular garbage

Hopefully the ban is well received, and that other cities will take note…

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Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation releases six new affordable home designs for its Kansas City Manheim Park project

The project “will provide a truly sustainable and engaging home for future generations”…

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Frankfurt named the most sustainable city on the planet

When it comes to sustainability, Frankfurt is the place to be.

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100 million roses grown for Valentine’s Day produce 9,000 metric tons of CO2

LEGAL NOTICE: This writer (or Inhabitat) is not responsible for the breakdown of your relationship…

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Sprint Offers $5K to Students

The Smartphone Encore Challenge is the newest initiative in Sprint’s corporate sustainability program.

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Chipotle’s Earnings Call: A Business Case for Sustainable Sourcing

“We have made it our mission to change how people think about, and eat, fast food,”

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A ‘Live Earth’ Concert Sequel Is Coming This Summer

Here’s something to be ‘happy’ about.

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Wendy’s Bans Soda from Kids Menu

The decision came after pressure from concerned moms groups like…

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