It’s been four years since the foundations of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere were rocked by a devastating earthquake. I happened to be there during the anniversary of this event, and took part in some of the observances. The crazy thing to me is that all these years later the effects are still being felt, but even more incredible is the people’s ability to carry on.


Haiti is, geographically speaking, the less blessed side of this shared island, with its fair share of political problems with it’s neighbor, yet the culture is so rich. Truly Caribbean with a French twist, Haiti is a country of interesting linguistics, even musical. Arts abound, the color palette is also exceptional and unique.


All that aside, no truly Haitian experience is complete without a taste of the food. Wow. Who would have thought goat went so well with curry? I also heard stories about a mixture of Guinness and milk, didn’t get to try that one, but it certainly sounds interesting… Something for the next time I visit, and visit again I will.

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