In: The Global Odyssey

The Global Odyssey: Children of the Nicaraguan Dry Season

Eric Hill and ORTA Dare Denim visit an NGO in Nicaragua

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A Haitian Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

Eric Hill in Haiti

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Made by Haitian Hands

Eric goes on an artisanal tour of Haiti

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Hot and Cold: Traveling Between Extremes

(Eric puts Dare Denim’s thermoregulation to the test)

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Global Odyssey: Night Hunt in the Jaguar’s Jungle

Eric Hill travels to Mexico, Barbados, Guyana and Suriname as part of his Global Odyssey

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Global Odyssey: Colombia

It was satisfying to be part of the conversation to help them capitalize on the system they already had in place to help raise funds.

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Global Odyssey: International Smorgasbord

You might wonder how I can keep leaving people and places I love. I only know two remedies. First, I tell myself that I will come back some day. Second, I let myself fall in love with the next place.

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Global Odyssey: From East to East, My First Trip Around the Globe

The only down side was that I was never ready to leave when I had to move on… I just wanted to just stay and continue the experience.

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Global Odyssey: Starting from Scratch in Mongolia

So I was alone again in Mongolia… This time summiting a mountain.

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Global Odyssey: Riding Russia’s Iron Horse

Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, we had ended up in a gold miners camp in a remote part of Siberia four hundred kilometers outside of Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

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