Haiti is not the kind of country you can experience in a day without having made any arrangements; I learned this the hard way. After hopping the border fence to gain questionably legal entry into the country, I quickly discovered that I was in over my head. After a superficial tour of the capitol, I tried to rush back to Utah to make a friends wedding. Just my luck, not only did I not get what I wanted out of Haiti, delays due to the polar vortex landed me in NYC, missing my best friends wedding.

Now, just to clarify, the Caribbean is relatively warm year ‘round, so I was packed for the tropics. New York in the middle of its coldest winter in years was not part of the plan. Luckily, Dare Denim has thermoregulatory qualities, so even though I had to make some extreme adjustments above the waist, my jeans worked out just fine in both climates. The first rule of traveling is to pack light, and one pair of all-terrain pants makes this much more feasible. Not to mention rip resistance comes in handy when jumping fences, among some of my other unusual tendencies (What can I say? I see something, and I just can’t help, but climb it).

Good news is I made some phone calls and got right back on a flight to Haiti, this time having made some connections that would prove to be invaluable. And, guess what? Although I was happy to peel of those pesky layers, the jeans, as always, worked out just fine.

Eric_Hill_Haiti_0069 Eric_Hill_Haiti_0070 Eric_Hill_Haiti_0082

Grand Rue, Port-au-Prince, Haiti