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· Cotton farming uses only 3% of global arable land but is responsible for 24% of the insecticides & 11% of pesticides. This is why the use of better cotton and organic cotton are extremely important as they leave no space for unfair conditions including child labor.

· It is estimated that between 40K km2 (bigger than Switzerland) & 120K km2 (bigger than Nicaragua) of textile scraps are left over from manufacturing each year.

· There will be 5.4B people in the global middle class in 2030, up from 3B in 2015. Meaning an increased demand for clothing.

· We will use 3 times as many natural resources by 2050 compared to what we used in 2000 – what we are using today has already exceeded planetary boundaries.

· The production of 1 tonne of textiles generate 17 tonnes of CO2e greenhouse gas emissions. The GHG emissions during the use phase are also significant: washing and drying clothing are estimated to account for 120 million tonnes of CO2e

· Energy related emissions for the apparel industry are expected to grow by 63% by 2030.

· The apparel industry employs +60M people worldwide – many of these jobs are unsafe or pay unfair wages.

· 8B tons of plastic waste flow into the oceans every year from coastal regions. That means 5 grocery bags on every foot of coastlines all around the world. Less than 5% of all plastic is recycled globally.


· We commit to circular practices in our processes by repurposing, reimagining, re-fibering and re-blending lead with a sustainable handprint that delivers the most premium fabrics at the greatest value.

· ORTA has perfected the most advanced processes on the planet that yield superior quality fibers which significantly reduce water use and conserve energy.

· At ORTA, process matters. Our goal is next generation denim for a more beautiful & sustainable world. We have a complete line of fabrics with recycled materials including Refibra™, pre-consumer recycled cotton, post-consumer recycled cotton and recycled polyester.

· Our recycled fiber containing products are certified with GRS (Global Recycled Standard), which applies to products w/ 20% recycled content and provides verified assurance.

· ORTA started using organic cotton in 2002 and since 2006, we offer GOTS & OCS organic cotton products.

· The majority of water consumption in denim production takes place on the cotton field, which inspired us to develop a line with no cotton – the ZERO-MAX®. A Zero Mac article achieves up to 98% water saving and 60% reduced carbon emission.

· Better Cotton Initiative helps farmers to grow cotton in a way that reduces stress on the local environment and improves the lives and welfare farming communities.

· ORTA is a Council Member of BCI since 2011, began to use Better Cotton in 2012. 20% of all our cotton consumption is Better Cotton. ORTA is a founder & supporter of The Good Cotton Practices Association of Turkey who is responsible for implementing Better Cotton in Turkey.

· ORTA supports fair cotton trade & practices and offer Fairtrade certified products.

· Circle Fashion Tool: Alongside w/ VF Corp and Auping, ORTA is partnering with Circle Economy to help move the textiles industry towards action, building a digital decision-making tool that aims to empower brands to move from the ‘why’ to the ‘how’ of circular fashion.


ORTA is an active contributor to overcoming scarcity and creating more abundance of our natural resources.

Orta aims to be the world’s leader in sustainable raw fibers through our leading natural technologies and mindful practices.

· We aim to use 100% sustainable cotton (BCI, Recycled or organic) by 2050.

· All our raw materials will be 95% sustainable with regenerated fibers.

· We commit to a circular economy.


WE TOUCH THE FUTURE is a nod to our 65 years of heritage, reflecting our present and embracing the sustainable future.

As the brand aiming to pursue sustainable lifestyles and production, ORTA celebrates its’ 65th year with an assertive mission; the celebration of future; the celebration of change for the better with industrial core points: water, energy, process, raw & recycle and human.

At ORTA we believe while our footprint is what we take from the planet when we consume, our handprint is what we give the planet back as we create change for the better.

We invite you to explore our handprint via the 5 events we will be holding throughout the year, around the world.